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Can your Instagram profile get banned?

followers-instagramNormally, this is the most important question that many people ask when they first learn about the free Instagram follower services that a lot of sites offer. The straightforward and most genuine answer is no! Your profile can not get banned for using this kind of services. The method that most sites use is confirmed beyond any doubt to work very properly in helping people to gain followers without causing any trouble for your Instagram profile. The long period that these sites have been offering their services has made time to be their witness. Out of the a large number of case studies I did with free Instagram followers, not a single one of my accounts has been banned. Moreover, the service is provided in confidentiality such that no one can ever know of the help such services offer you.

Important Notice before you try Free Followers Services

If you look for free Instagram followers sites on Google, you may notice that there are some sites that ask for your Instagram password. I recommend that you ignore such services, never ever disclose your password, because legit services never ask for sensitive information. There are plenty of sites that require only your username and a few minutes of your time (to fill out surveys in most cases).

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